Below comes some FAQ (frequently asked questions) about our portal and services that concerns both members and our website visitors all over the world.

1. What is “Accountantsincyprus.com” all about?

We are a professional community constituted of accountants, auditors, financial advisors’ investment and other service oriented firms.

2. What does this community do?

Our community provides all kind of information a potential client either local or international need, such as new regulations, new tax announcements, new opportunities and a broad list with accountants and other service providers with their insights in order to facilitate our audience’s search and help them make the best possible choice.

3.  What information can be found in this portal?

Our team and our members answers to various questions you might be interested in. For instance, how does the taxation system in Cyprus look like, what are the advantages and disadvantages of corporate registrations, which firms are operating in Nicosia o Limassol or in any other town…and lots more!

4.  How to communicate with a financial service provider?

You can either search by name, by city or by location.  Once the results appear you can click on the firms to read more and communicate through their contact form which is directly associated with their email. It’s free to communicate with anyone you wish either by their enquiry form, by phone, by email or through their website.

5. How can I decide which firm is suitable for my needs?

Well, this is a question that needs some research. Many firms are active with showcasing regularly their services, their articles, their updates which can help you see in which area they are specialized in which consequently help you getting a strong idea of how they can be of help.  Some other firms with less information doesn’t mean obviously they can be a good choice. The best way to get a clear picture is to communicate directly and get the opportunity to speak with them.

6. What do you do differently from your competitors?

First of all, we are operating since 2007, we have a strong domain name and among the first positions in google on many targeted keywords which gives us a competitive advantage.

Secondly, we would like to describe our service as an innovating tool for Cyprus service providers to regularly come out with their updates and for our website visitors  we are a substantial source of information and a network of service providers.

By giving information in regards to tax, accounting and other financial matters and in the same time offering a comprehensive list of firms with their insights help people around the world to peek in Cyprus and to each firm’s office like if they were here.

7.  In what keywords do you rank on the first page of google

Below you can see a few keywords on which we rank on the 1st page of google. More keywords and key phrases are ranking well, we just chose the top ones.  Ranking results may vary due to google personalized experience. The rankings difference could be 1-2 positions.


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8.  So what’s new with your new website?

Accountantsincyprus.com will be offering all the existing and so much more…

  • More facilities to our members
  • New updated user friendly interface
  • Updated premium listing pages which we would like to rename to “microsites”
  • Different listing package suitable for all
  • Blog! You can announce everything you do, seminars, trips , business related articles, collaborations

9.    Why advertise




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