About Us

Accountantsincyprus.com is managed and promoted by Sedinvest Enterprises Ltd which focuses on portal management. The portal contains information in the field of finance and a network of accounting and consulting firms based in Cyprus.

The portal was firstly established in October 2005 taking advantage of the lack of online promotion opportunities back then. What you see now is an upgraded version with more features available for our clients and our website visitors. Our portal is focusing in creating a community of professional service providers and providing opportunities to its members to regularly promote their services to an increasingly demanding audience that seeks more and more information online.

Our most vital task is to endorse and support the portal on a continuing base at both local and global plane which includes both online promotions and offline exposure through our international network.

We antagonistically target central and commonly used accounting and business related keywords on various search engines such as Google, Yandex & Yahoo in a number of geographical locations and languages which are of highly interest to Cyprus. Our goal is to make our portal unavoidable to any potential client that seeks to find an accounting firm in Cyprus.

In the directory part we provide information regarding the accountants’ experience, practices and mission in order to ease the search of each individual around the world interested in Cyprus accounting, consulting and business services. The public is able at any moment to seek and find information, contact details and send a request directly to the preferable accountant through our portal.  Accountantsincyprus.com is a business network designed for firms with good reputation and principles.

Our portal aims also to provide a wide range of information relevant to business themes. Therefore we have a news section, article section, business vacancies, seminars and events section.

In a bigger perspective, our purpose is to encourage the Cyprus business sector around the world and fortify its role.


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