Cyprus Accounting Services

Cyprus Accounting Services involves a wide range of services not limited to tax declarations and audit but investment & wealth managing, financial advisory etc.

Cyprus Investment & Wealth Managing

These departments in an accounting office deal with arranging sinking fund finance, maximizing returns on cash, availing of competent tax structures and providing independent investment advice. More precisely it copes with cash flow management, coordination of custom missed products liaising with their professional advisors and financial institutions regarding their affairs, monitoring of assets, ongoing financial planning. The financial planning process takes generally a number of steps:

  • evaluating client risk profile and asset distribution.
  • Representing financial plans and strategies.
  • Selecting investment managers / products which are most appropriate to the individual.
  • Selecting the most appropriate investment fund.
  • Reviewing and monitoring portfolios against the agreed criteria with the client.
  • Constant observation of the assortment as the client situations change and as new products and investment opportunities occur.

Cyprus Management Consultancy

In this field accountants provide management support to both top and middle management in every day decisions as well as planning for the future. They provide evaluation and approvals for each project, day-to-day project management and liaising and coordination of all parties involved. They deal with evaluation and optimization of project proposals, management and monitoring of the development process, organization and creation of information and material. They also endow with day-to-day project management. Furthermore, they set-up establishment, they cope with benchmarking/profit maximization which means strategy and succession planning, staff retention & motivation. In order to ensure that your legal entities is being up to standard, the consultants give you also awareness of the nature and the demands of your business and informs you about what the drivers of your success are.

Cyprus Human Capital

Organizations worldwide identify that the only sustainable basis of competitive advantage is their human capital, especially in the time of fast and dramatic change. The Human Resource Services department of an accounting office in Cyprus provides foremost edge consulting advice helping you to deal with new challenges and develop new opportunities. Their goal is to offer custom-made practical solutions that will help the clients to take advantage of their most important asset – their people!
They involve professionals with local and international skills and knowledge’s in all Human Resource areas. More precisely, Human Resource Services include, managing change, executive recruitment services, human resource efficacy, performance and compensation management, organizational restructuring and building capabilities

Cyprus IT Services

Information technology (IT), in Cyprus and all over the world, as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Information technology, in Cyprus and all over the world, deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, save, guard, process, transmit, and securely recover information.
In our days, the term information technology has ballooned to cover many aspects of computing and technology, and the term is more familiar than ever before. The information technology umbrella can be quite big, covering many fields. Information technology professionals, in Cyprus and all over the world, perform a range of duties that array from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. A few of the duties that information technology professionals, in Cyprus and all over the world, perform may include data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the managing and administration of complete systems.
Information technology Services, in Cyprus and all over the world, is a leading outsourcing, managed service and network infrastructure solution provider for a broad range of customers in the open and restricted sectors, delivering business objectives through the provision of a new generation of Information technology Services.

Cyprus Financial Consultancy

The Corporate Finance department of an accounting firm offers complete and effective solutions to companies of the private and public sector. Here are some areas which they deal with:

  • Marketing management analysis, planning, implementation and control
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, including negotiations support to help establish maximization of the offered value
  • Restructuring of finance
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sale of part or whole of businesses
  • Pricing and cost reduction policies
  • Raising and restructuring of businesses
  • Strategic planning and development of business plans and proposals
  • Project finance and privatizations
  • Corporate recovery services
  • Development of budgets
  • Operations management studies
  • Investments appraisals
  • Valuations and fair value opinions

Cyprus Assurance & Advisory

Assurance and Advisory in Cyprus are considered necessary for every Cyprus or foreign company or financial investor.
Assurance in Cyprus and all over the world is a tailored service and a steady reliable methodology. In Cyprus and round the world, the ride to success is governed by increasingly complex and broadening regulatory necessities and stakeholder demands. Strong independent assurance, especially in Cyprus, helps meet these demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a strong and clear perception to audit committees and critical information for investors and other stakeholders.

Advisory in Cyprus and around the world is an increasingly complex challenge. The affiliation between risk and performance improvement is an increasingly complex and central business challenge, with business performance directly connected to the recognition and effective management of risk. Whether your focus is on business transformation or sustaining achievement, having the right advisors on your side can make all the difference.



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