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Accountants in Cyprus list only members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus and that are devoted to high professional standards.

Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus

The Institute has been established since 1961 and has since dedicated time and efforts in the public affairs of the island. ICPAC is in constant cooperation with state authorities, such as the Income Tax, the Added Value Tax, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Companies’ Superintendent etc. on the promotion of several issues. It also maintains a close cooperation with the House of Representatives when its contribution is useful and the Cyprus Stock Exchange and participates in the Corporate Governance Committee.

Its cooperation with the University of Cyprus has been secured through the granting of a subsidy aiming at promoting the research on the accountancy profession.

ICPAC is in a constant effort to strengthen its relations with other professional bodies such as the Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus.
ICPAC members hold high positions in the public life of the island, such as Ministers and/or MPs and participate in various political debates and other organizations. Their contribution is valuable.

Through the seminars and presentations, the Institution informs its members and the professionals on the latest developments concerning the accountancy profession. ICPAC also publishes a three-month magazine, the ‘Accountancy Cyprus’, which is distributed to all importance accounting offices. In general, the Institute supports and promotes their professional interests and protects their reputation. It supervises and controls its members and promotes their professional ethics via the code of conduct that it has established.

Our portal

With our portal we aim to list Accountants in Cyprus that keep high level of professionalism and are committed to its clients.
Firms that provide services in the field of audit and accounting, tax, business consultancy and international business (offshore) management can be listed in Accountants in Cyprus portal.

It’s significant for us to provide a professional and accurate list of accountants in Cyprus, subsequently it’s in our interest that the visitors of our website that seek for professional accounting services will not be deceived in any matter. Therefore, if any firm is involved in any unethical activities or has been involved in any negative publicity stands, then we reserve the right to remove the listing from Accountants in Cyprus.

Accounting and business services

Accounting firms in Cyprus are well established in its field and provide a wide range of services such as assurance and advisory , audit, tax planning , wealth management and other. All businesses are enforced by law to systematic uphold accounting books, prepare tax declaration every 3 months therefore the cooperation with an accounting firm is almost a necessity for all large, medium businesses and even small.

Accounting firms in Cyprus have very often clients beyond the local market, as international businesses, either offshore or not, need advice in Cyprus tax structures and tax planning. Generally, accounting services in Cyprus are always needed. A flawless economic situation is the most important aspect in every business, therefore is the choice of the right Cyprus accountants crucial.

At the present, a qualified accountant should be aggressively intricate in the recording of financial data, the planning of a financial or audit reports, but they should also upgrade their role as new rhythms of the business society demand it.

The prospects of the accountancy profession in Cyprus have widened the past years. This fact have mostly to do with the off-shore companies that flooded the island, the entry of a great number of companies in the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the lifting of limitations in the money movement and the Cyprus’ accession in the EU.

Economic crisis, pandemic and Cyprus accountants

The latest worldwide events such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the economic crisis has trembled inevitably the business community and the credibility of the service professions due to the crisis that affected the bank system in the island and have become a huge challenge for every professional accountant in Cyprus. However it’s logical that the challenges increase as long as the economy grows and the market expands.

Cyprus accountants need to restructure their work, focus on alternate services in order to keep existing and new clients satisfied. An accountant in Cyprus is obliged to offer a range of services and not limited to the Cyprus jurisdiction. An investor needs to see their partner in Cyprus as their partner in any offshore jurisdiction. An accountant is regularly dealing with corporate and tax services as well and can offer a complete package of any consulting and business services. Whether it has to do with international trading, management and control of offshore companies or immigration services, auditing, accounting & business relations for Clients a Cyprus accountant is qualified to assist, guide and advice.


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