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Limassol is the most important commerce and offshore business center in Cyprus. It is also the 2nd largest town with the biggest shoreline, therefore here you’ll find all kind of accounting firms.

It is the largest city in geographical size, and the biggest municipality on the island. Limassol is located on the southern part of Cyprus and has approximately 155 000 citizens. Here you’ll also find the island’s main port, the center of the wine industry and an active holiday resort. The islands strategic location, the outstanding infrastructure, the convenient transportation system by sea and air, its knowledgeable labor force but also its pleasant way of life are some of the factors that led to the islands development and transformed Cyprus to an undoubted regional offshore center.

Offshore company registrations made in Cyprus are thousands and over half of them work from Limassol.

The majority of the registered offshore companies in Cyprus work with trade, marketing, distribution, ship management and maritime, business engineering and consultancy, commercial and merchant banking, insurance and third party financial services.

The shipping industry remains attractive and there are about 2,000 large vessels registered under the Cypriot flag. Limassol is hosting over 90% of the shipping industry in Cyprus.

Trading companies use the Limassol Port as a regional storage and distribution center or to do their transit or. The Limassol port is a first-rate base for companies that are doing business with Middle East, North Africa, or Eastern Europe.

Accounting firms, business consultants and audit firms in Limassol are always occupied due to the huge demand and thousands of companies located here.

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