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In Larnaca you can find small to medium sized accounting firms with exceptional business services with client service approach

Larnaca is located on Cyprus’ southern-east coast and is the third largest city in the island with approximately 80 000 citizens. Larnaca has the second largest commercial port and the largest international airport.

Larnaca is an important tourist resort and generates income from the seasonal tourism through its many restaurants, luxurious beach hotels, and a convenient transportation service. In the north of the city there is an oil refinery and several of the islands industries are located in the south.

The services sector such as trade, tourism, education, agriculture and light manufacturing sectors plays a major role in the economy. After the bank crisis the economy has been affected by some aspects like lack of investments, however this is expected to turn over as the potential of growth is huge and investors will benefit from the opportunities of the current predicament. Accountant’s role will be imperative as consulting, budget planning, bookkeeping and auditing services will be required.

Accountants in Larnaca are at current stage assisting, beyond the local firms, many international business’s or offshore companies that has real or virtual offices in Larnaca.  

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