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Among the major clients Accountants in Famagusta has are construction companies and a number of local business but also international companies that choose the area to combine business and vacation.

Famagusta or Ammochostos in the greek language is partly occupied by Turkey. Before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 Famagusta was one of the important economic centers of the country. It based 19.3% of the business units and employed 21.3% of the total number of persons engaged in commerce all over the island. It operated as the main tourist destination of Cyprus, accommodating 31.5% of the hotels and 45% of the total bed capacity of the island. Varosha acted as the main tourist and business quarters. After 1974, the city of Famagusta was included to the occupied part of Cyprus.

In the non-occupied area of Famagusta/Ammochostos, there are various wonderful beaches and exceptionally beautiful coasts. The well-known town of Ayia Napa is a landmark of the particular district, well-known for its magnificent beaches awarded for their cleanliness as well as the facilities they provide visitors with. Nowadays, Ayia Napa has an international reputation as it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

The temporary administrative centre of the Famagusta District is nowadays Paralimni, the largest municipality of the Greek Cypriot-controlled area of the district.

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