Auditors in Cyprus

Whether you need an auditor or an accountant for your businesses or your personal needs you will be requiring a comprehensive research in order to find the most suitable for your case.

While you are looking for auditors in Cyprus it is vital to examine your candidate’s work experience and know-how. Make sure that the audit firm you choose is at position to provide annual audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA), Management and due diligence reporting as well as internal audit.

Tax filing, wealth management, audit reports, book keeping and other corporate services involves lots of paper work which can be a headache for every individual or business organization that seeks to win time. A trustworthy professional with good experience can help you go through all paper work smoothly with all the complexities involved, advice and consult you and generally facilitate your job.

Through this article we would like to give you 5 quick tips that can help you find the most appropriate accountants andauditors in Cyprus for your case.

  1. Your business needs and the requirements are the primary criteria that will determine the kind of service that you are looking for. Advice related to taxes, maintaining ledgers and helping with a smooth process of accounting or auditing is what you would require at a given time. Other things like franchise and legal holdings are first consulted with an accountant rather than the lawyer for all the financial investment these things involve.
  2. Find candidates who have legal license with professional accountancy designations. For example, look for CMA, CA or CGA these are professionally qualified in handling things. Capable of providing right insights into financial statements while helping with the reports. You will be able to get all kinds of services including overseeing the accounting process along with other legalities related to partnership or report filing.
  3. Getting a clear picture about the charges of the accountant is something that is important. Prior to hiring one on regular or offshore basis, you need to consider their payouts. How much for dedicated hours of services and how much for full time?  Mostly the charges are on hourly basis.
  4. Now the most essential thing to consider is the technological means they are using for accounting purpose. Are they familiar with spreadsheets and digital filing systems. The latest software used for book keeping and for accounting purpose is what should be considered. The knowledge along with the skill with which one handles the task is something that would define the capability of the accountant or the accounting firm.
  5. Don’t forget to check if the candidate auditor has an online presence. Being apparent in accounting directories or professional bodies such as The Institute of Certified Accountants in Cyprus is of huge importance. With this way it easier to ask the organizations or the accounting portals involved for referrals or find out if someone has been involved in any negative publicity. Professional associates are more likely to have a quick reference to auditors or accountants in Cyprus who are qualified, efficient, experienced and reliable.

Now that you have the basic understanding of finding the most suitable auditor for your firm or your business, you will be able to quickly match the required criteria too. However, consider all the aspects whether you want the services for a given season like the tax filing or a full time in-house service that will handle your daily accounts and even are able to give you advice related to the daily management of your financial investments.



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