Strengthening Cyprus Israel Relations

Ambassador of Israel in Nicosia, Michael Harari, has credited hydrocarbon developments as introducing real potential for collaboration between Cyprus and Israel. 

Whilst cooperation is already underway between the two countries, Harari believes that there are still budding prospects yet to be optimised.

“I am quite optimistic regarding the cooperation between Cyprus and Israel in this particular field, as well as of course in many other fields of no less importance,” the Cyprus News Agency quotes Harari as saying.

Harari is credited as explaining that the exploration of energy fields demands that certain key elements be taken into consideration, such as diversity, which contributes to regional stability, and the entering into cooperation with a reliable partner.

The Ambassador notes that the past few years have witnessed the strengthening of bilateral relations between Cyprus and Israel, as well as a deep and rich dialogue in a variety of issues of interest.

He stressed that dialogue on the highest levels between the two Governments has been continuous and that telephone calls have been exchanged by the two Foreign Ministers.

Most recently, he noted, President Nicos Anastassiades and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a conversation over the phone, during which Anastasiades renewed his invitation to the Netanyahu to visit Cyprus.


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