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Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Panicos Pouros has pointed out the need to increase EU funds towards Cyprus in the sector of agricultural development.

Pouros was speaking at the three-day meeting between the European Presidency and the European Council, in the framework of the EU Agriculture Ministers Council, in Luxembourg, during which the French Presidency and the Commission met with member state delegations, in order to record their positions regarding the diagnostic control of the Common Agricultural Policy.

During his meeting with French Minister of Agriculture and President of the Council Michel Barnier and Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, Pouros referred to the need to increase Cyprus' funds, since it is lower per annum than the previous programme and the new period.

He also pointed out the need to create a community crisis management fund to tackle harsh weather conditions, such as the protracted drought in Cyprus.

Boel said she understood the problems and did not dismiss Cyprus' request. Barnier thanked Cyprus for its constructive stance concerning the diagnostic control of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Regarding the main works of the Council, the delegates discussed the general orientation on the proposed Commission regulation for the implementation of the plan to promote the consumption of fruit at school, with a view to combat obesity and other health problems developing through bad diet.

Pouros said that, irrespective of size and population, every member state has a minimum managerial cost and thus requested that a provision be included for a minimum community grant, which will allow the effective and substantive implementation of the proposal in small member states.

October 29, 2008 - Nicos Bellos CNA, Financial Mirror
|||Agriculture Ministry official calls of increase in EU funds for Cyprus
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