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A 45-year-old man was gunned down yesterday outside his Nicosia betting shop, which had been checked a couple of hours earlier by the police.

Neophytos Christoforou died later while undergoing emergency surgery for gun shot wounds to the head and body.

Two other people who were close to the victim sustained light injuries during the 2am incident at the betting shop near the Ayios Antonios municipal market, police said.

Christoforou was shot by two individuals riding a large motorcycle, using an automatic weapon.

The bullet holes on the glass enclosure outside the shop – where the victim was -- suggested that the gunmen fired a few shots from a range of three metres and while leaving the scene they fired a couple of more rounds at their target.

Reports said there were about 50 punters inside the shop who scrambled for the doors when the bullets starting flying.

A motorcycle found on fire 30 minutes later not far away, is thought to be the one used in the shooting.

“This motorcycle has been reported stolen in Limassol in February,” police spokesman Andreas Angelides said.

Angelides said the investigators were questioning various individuals in connection with the murder.

The establishment had been checked by officers a couple of hours earlier as part of a police crackdown on illegal gambling.

“Two computers and €3,500 in cash had been seized as evidence,” Angelides said.

Daily Politis reported that the victim seemed to have differences with other individuals over online gambling.

The police are trying to prevent a war between people involved in this activity since it appears that yesterday’s murder is connected to past crimes, Politis said.

Source: Cyprus-Mail

Published on May 6, 2012
|||Betting shop owner gunned down
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