Egypt's new president has tight window on economy

Cyprus’ embassy in Havana, Cuba, was officially opened on Monday.

The embassy was inaugurated in the presence of Cyprus President Demetris Chrisofias, currently in Cuba for a three-day official visit, Vice President of the Cuban Council of State Esteban Lazo Hernandez and other EU member-states Ambassadors resident in Havana.

President Christofias said he is glad because during his term in office Cyprus opens an embassy in a very friendly country bonded with ties of friendship and solidarity since the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, adding that the presence of the embassy will deepen the close relations between the two countries.

''I must admit that we have delayed the opening of an embassy in Cuba for various reasons, financial and other, due to the (1974) Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus,'' Christofias said, adding despite the fact that Cyprus is one of the last EU member-states to open an embassy in Cuba, Cyprus was and remain one of Cuba's first friendly countries.

Recalling that Cyprus' first President Archbishop Makarios instructed a ship under the Cypriot flag to enter the Havana port after the imposition of the embargo against Cuba, President Christofias said it is time for the termination of the embargo against Cuba.

He also expressed hope that US President Barack Obama will proceed with bold steps towards this direction, given that he has declared a liberal approach in international affairs and the problems humanity is facing.

On his part, Lazo expressed his government's satisfaction for Christofias' visit to Cuba.

Describing the opening of the Cypriot embassy in Cuba as a ''significant event,'' Lazo said this would contribute to the further deepening of the relations and cooperation between the two countries and their peoples.

Concluding, Lazo assured the Cypriot Ambassador and the embassy's staff that they would have the support of the Cuban government to pursue their work and promote the strengthening of the relations between the two countries.

Financial Mirror, September 29, 2009
|||Cyprus opens Embassy in Cuba
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