Dollar edges up on caution ahead of Bernanke

Tomorrow the world marks the UN international day for the elimination of violence against women.

Despite long term efforts by governments and the private sector, statistics paint a worrying trend of unrelenting brutality against women.

Will we ever understand why such violence happens or will it always be with us?

The World Health Organization recently revealed more than 50% of women in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Peru reported they were subjected to physical or sexual violence by their partners, with figures reaching staggering 71%in rural Ethiopia.

In South Africa, the government says more than 55,000 rape cases are reported every year-the highest on the continent.

What will it take to end violence against women? Is there a level of violence that is acceptable? Is violence against women here to stay? Are women to blame for condoning violence? Send us your views.

BBC NEWS, 24 November, 2008|||Is violence against women inevitable?
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