Women in Business Evi Pantelidou

Evi Pantelidou – General Manager, Hellenic Tzilalis (Cyprus) Ltd

My first job: With Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC Cyprus) in Nicosia in 1988. 

My biggest challenge: Since my appointment, the company has expanded considerably, with the formation of subsidiary companies (it is now a holding company for other 3 companies), acquiring a considerable number of contracts. 

When Cyprus’ airports were privatized, my company was assigned the management of the civil servants working there and engaged in our line of work, for more than 24 months. 

During that period we expected considerable labour unrest but there was none, with the employees and our company working very peacefully! 

The current financial/economic crisis is a challenge for every business. 

Due to the fact that our company did not have any burdens from the past, and thanks to its efficient and prudent management, it is not only surviving but also able to expand with new projects and venues.

I got where I am today thanks to: Many people with whom I have worked throughout my career, as well as to my academic qualifications.

My proudest professional achievement: Participation in the team which attended the negotiations for the Cyprus Airports (Hermes) with regard to the negotiations with the Cyprus Government and the lenders of Hermes (financial closing).

My advice to young women in Cyprus who are just starting their career: To be professional, consistent and independent. 

It is difficult but good things need a lot of effort and work!

So few business leaders in Cyprus are women because... So few women believe they can do it.

It is important to have women in leadership positions because… I don’t believe that is important to have “women in leadership positions”. 

I believe we need leaders, irrespective of their gender.


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