Webinar 20/2021: Anti-Money Laundering – Advance

Webinar 20/2021: Anti-Money Laundering – Advance



Anti-Money Laundering – Advance 



Date & Time:


Webinar time

29 June 2021 


30 June 2021



Nassos Paltayian, Director, Abacus Limited 


The aim of the webinar is to provide attendees with a high level session on updates in the field of AML and CTF compliance. Participants will be informed of the recent developments with a focus on the latest amendments of the national law. Client and Firm wide Risk Based Approach will be also covered, aiming to highlight the key factors affecting the risk assessment of a client from an AML perspective including the PEPs, High risk third countries, EU Restrictive measures and UN Sanctions, as well as methods to mitigate the risks.   


The second part of the webinar will cover Complex Structures from a Due diligence perspective using practical examples. It will also examine elements of Terrorist Financing.  


Participants will also be reminded of their obligations regarding the filing of Internal Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) and Reporting to the Financial Intelligence Unit (MOKAS). 

Who should attend:

The webinar is addressed to experienced AML compliance officers as well as other interested parties.

Participation fee: 

€50 (inclusive of VAT), for Members /Affiliates .


€100 (inclusive of VAT), for Non-Members. 

CPD units: 

The webinar corresponds to 3 cpd units for full attendance. 

Registration process: 

For more information and Registration for the webinar please visit the website of the Institute / webinars.  A follow-up email will be circulated two days before the webinar to provide the access link, instructions how to join the training session and the relevant material. 


Register promptly to secure a place at the webinar as the number of places is limited to 250.

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