Update: Company Annual levy tax for 2019

Update: Company Annual levy tax for 2019

The final date for the annual levy tax for the year 2019, which is €350 per company, must be paid by 30 June 2019 at the latest.

If a company fails to pay the annual levy until the above deadline, then a 10% penalty is imposed if the payment is made 2 months after the expiration date, and if the payment is made up to 5 months after the expiration date an additional penalty of 30% is imposed.

In the case of non-timely payment companies are subject to additional charges determined by the late payment as follows:

  • €350 + €35 (10%) = €385 for the fee paid between 1/7/2019 – 31/8/2019
  • €350 + €140 (10% + 30%) = €490 for the fee paid between 1/9/2019 – 30/11/2019

In addition to the above, in the event of non-payment, the Department of the Registrar of Companies may proceed to the strike off of the company from its registry, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

At this point, we want to clarify that the annual levy tax (€350) is paid only to the Registrar of Companies, and only using the JCCSMART website.

The annual levy is paid in accordance with the relevant “The Companies Law (Amendment) (Law 2) Law 2011 – N117 (I)/2011 and all registered companies are obliged to pay it by the 30th of June each year. The law is in force since 2011.

For more information on the annual levy, please contact us.


By: P. Constantinou & Co Ltd

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