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AN UNHAPPY Nicosia man is demanding up to €2 million in compensation from the state because he blames public doctors for the partial loss of use of his left leg.

Constantinos Voutsas has filed medical negligence charges against the Cyprus Republic and is seeking a payment of €500,000 to €2 million.

According to the plaintiff, his saga started in April when he was admitted to Nicosia general hospital with excruciating pain in his left tooth. His gums had swollen up due to puss that had collected and his admission into hospital was deemed necessary. Two days later he underwent surgery, reports said.

Voutsas told Phileleftheros that prior to the operation he was given an injection to ease the pain so that he could find some relief and sleep. Minutes after the painkiller’s administration he said he felt something like a shot of electricity running through his entire left leg.

“I then started not to feel it from the knee down,” he said.

The patient mentioned what had happened to his doctor who allegedly assured him that it was temporary and would pass in a matter of days, something that did not happen. Although the tooth operation was successfully completed, Voutsas said his leg continued to trouble him. Five days later he was seen by a neurologist who prescribed physiotherapy, the local daily said. He remained in hospital three more weeks and was discharged on May 2. A few days later he started physiotherapy three times a week, without any improvement.

In the meantime Voutsas said he visited private doctors who told him that a nerve had been affected and he had to go for surgery abroad. The chances of a full recovery are only five per cent.

 Cyprus Mail, October 5, 2008
|||State being sued for €2 million after man loses use of leg
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