TAXPAYERS’ RIGHTS Public consultation

TAXPAYERS’ RIGHTS Public consultation

The  Tax  Department  informs  all  interested  parties that the  European Commission  has  launched  a  public  consultation  on  a  Recommendation  to Member  States  to  improve  the  situation  of  taxpayers  and  to  simplify  tax obligations.  The  Recommendation is linked to a future Communication taking stock of taxpayers’ rights under EU law. 

The  Communication and Recommendation should be released before the end of 2021. 

The  Communication  will  catalogue existing  rights  based  on  case  law  and practice,   and   raise   the   awareness   of   both   taxpayers   and   of   tax administrations     regarding     these     rights     and     obligations. The Recommendation  aims  at  improving  the  life  of  taxpayers  in  the  Single Market.These measures are part of the "Action Plan for Fair and Simple Taxation Supporting the Recovery” that the Commission presented in July 2020. To gather input from stakeholders, the Commission has launched a public consultation and invites in particular citizens, to provide input on possible cross-border tax obstacles by the 2ndof June 2021.More information and the link to the public consultation is available here.

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