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Greek Foreign minister Dora Bakoyanni has said that Greece intends to react to a recent admission of atrocities committed in 1974 by the Turkish actor Attila Olgac.

"In no instance will Greece content itself with a verbal condemnation," she said.

Olgac admitted on Turkish television that he killed 10 Greek Cypriots, including a Greek Cypriot prisoner of war, during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

ANA reported that in statements in the Greek Parliament on Friday, Bakoyanni told MPs that Greece and Cyprus were working together to carefully plan their response to Olgac's admission.

"Hurried actions without substance, simply in order to impress, could lead us away from the goal of finding out the truth in the specific case and that on the issue of the missing," the minister underlined, responding to a question by Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) leader George Karatzaferis.

"It is a new lead that Greece intends to use based on a specific plan," she said.

By FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE ONLINE STAFF 02.FEB.09|||Bakoyannis reacts to Cyprus war crimes actor
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