Russia may soon remove Cyprus from tax black list

Cyprus asks ECHR to reevaluate land-swap offer

GOVERNMENT Spokesman Vassilis Palmas said yesterday that the Republic of Cyprus has requested from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that a private settlement for the exchange of properties in Cyprus be reassessed.

Commenting on press reports that the ECHR was ready to ratify the exchange of properties in Cyprus, Palmas told CNA “it is a fact that there is a case, where it appears that an effort is being made to arrange a private settlement, that is of exchange of property.”

He added that Cyprus had appealed to the ECHR and argued that “this agreement should not be ratified because it is an agreement that is not compatible with the protection of human rights.”
Palmas noted that the government had sent a letter to the ECHR, requesting that the matter be reevaluated, adding that the Republic of Cyprus may also ask for the matter to be forwarded to the plenary of the ECHR.

He explained that a Turkish Cypriot living in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus could take the property of a Greek Cypriot refugee but it was not likely that the reverse could apply, since Turkish Cypriot properties in the government controlled areas of the Republic are protected by law.
(CNA)|||Cyprus asks ECHR to reevaluate land-swap offer
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