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THE LIMASSOL court hearing of the Akhtar case has been postponed, after the defence put forward a number of objections, which the Court will consider at the next hearing, set for tomorrow.

Defence lawyer Soteris Patsalides put forward a number of pre-trial objections, directed at the prosecution’s case, which he described as “overburdened” and being overly complicated.

Tomorrow, the court will decide whether to accept or reject the objections and ordered the further remand of the two brothers, 28-year-old Giorgos and 23-year-old Elias Akhtar. Their parents and 17-year-old brother remain free on bail of €2,000 each.

The Akthar family faces a total of 41 charges, the most serious of which are directed against the two eldest brothers. Charges include causing grievous bodily harm, aggravated assault, resisting police arrest, illegal possession of weapons, using a weapon with intent to threaten and evading legal arrest.

The Akhtars appeared in a good mood at yesterday’s hearing, which is developing into something of an attraction for locals. Despite strict police security measures, people flocked to Limassol District Court yesterday to watch the trial.

Due to the high number of onlookers and in a bid to keep order in the courtroom the Judge asked that no one, including police officers and journalists, is allowed to stand in the court’s corridors.

As a result, many journalists and police men had to wait outside in the heat, until a seat inside the courtroom became available.

By Anna Hassapi. Cyprus Mail 2008
|||Akhtar trial opening postponed until tomorrow
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