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Etihad to launch flights in 2 weeks

Commercial and economic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus, as well as issues regarding tourism and renewable energy sources were discussed on Tuesday between Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Antonis Paschalides and UAE Foreign Trade Minister Lubna Al Qasimi.

In statements after the meeting, Paschalides said they discussed the prospects of increasing trade and economic relations and investment between the two countries, as well as the increase of tourist flows between the Emirates and Cyprus.
“We welcomed the new airline from Emirates which will start flights to Cyprus in a few weeks,” he said.
Replying to a question about the cooperation between the two countries in renewable energy issues, Paschalides said the basic idea is to exchange knowledge, information and education.

On her part Al Qasimi said there has been an increase in the number of tourists coming from the UAE to Cyprus as well as an increase in investments.
“The fact that Etihad airlines will be flying as our second carrier from Abu Dhabi to Larnaca will further increase the number of passengers,” she said and noted that many Cypriots visit her country either as tourists or to visit trade exhibitions.
“Today we talked about some of the great examples set up here for the renewable energy and the use of solar energy in the housing. And we do believe that Cyprus stance is a great example for discipline and utilizing the renewable energy. I am quite impressed with the 92% usage in the water heating utilizing solar energy, and I think that is a great example for many countries to utilize,” she added.

Referring to the project of the Masdar city, which will be a city free of carbon dioxide, Al Qasimi said that its implementation will cost 50 bln dollars.

As she noted, in this particular area there is a lot of interest from foreign companies to work, collaborate, but also to further develop the process of this into a commercialisation.
“Masdar city will be the place for blueprint for a lot of technologies, and we have encouraged companies in renewable energies to come and cooperate and work together,” she said.

May 25, 2009 - www.financialmirror.com

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