New landscape in EU after Lisbon treaty and euro crisis

Dr. Andreas Moleskis has been appointed by the Council of Ministers as Cabinet Secretary and head of the Cyprus EU Presidency office 2012.

Cyprus will take over the EU Presidency in July 2012.

Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou said that Dr. Moleskis, Director General of the Planning Bureau, will submit his resignation from the Public Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

Stephanou said that on August 27, 2008, the Government had decided to establish Cyprus EU Presidency 2012 office, noting that this office will directly fall under the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Moleskis has been authorized, in cooperation with the relevant Ministries and Departments of the Republic of Cyprus, to choose the members of the Cyprus EU Presidency Office.

Financial Mirror, April 15, 2009|||Moleskis to head Cyprus EU Presidency office 2012
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