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The first tanker transporting 50,000 tonnes of water from Greece arrived late Monday and anchored off the southern coast of Limassol.

Ocean Tankers Chairman Michalis Ioannides said there was a delay due to the rough seas at the Aegean. The ship will dock in Limassol port last on Tuesday, according to the CNA and will await a quality inspection by experts from the State Lab. It will be followed by a simple blessing ceremony by Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

The contract is for the supply of 8 mln tonnes during the 160 days of its duration until mid November.

When the results of the tests will be ready, on Wednesday or Thursday, the process of pumping the water off the ship and into a purpose-built pipeline that will join the Limassol Water Board network will begin. It is expected to last 20 to 24 hours.

The next Ocean Tankers ship is expected to load another cargo of water and embark from Greece on Saturday.

In all, six ships will be used for the transport of the water to Cyprus from the Greek port of Elevsina.

Michael Ioannides said that the whole project has been completed ahead of schedule as the initial deadline had been for the first delivery of water no later than August 31.

Financial Mirror, 01/07/2008|||Water tanker arrives in Cyprus, waiting for tests
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