Former BoC CEO Eliades takes the stand

THE HEAD of the Consumers’ Un ion, Loucas Aristodemou, yesterday blasted local petrol stations for increasing fuel prices when the international price of oil has gone down.

Commenting on market prices ahead of Easter, Aristodemou said the international price of petrol had reduced from $126 to $123 a barrel almost a week ago. This, he said, in combination with the increase in the euro’s purchasing power against the dollar, makes it feasible for Cyprus to see a reduction in fuel prices.

“I am convinced that if this reduction took place a week ago, the companies in Cyprus must definitely have received loads with the new prices,” said Aristodemou.

“But instead of seeing a reduction, some companies have already started increasing the price of fuel,” he added.

In regards to the rest of the market, Aristodemou said the un ion had noted an increase in vegetable prices, but a reduction in the cost of meat.

Flaounes, a local Easter pastry, cost around the same as last year.

Source: Cyprus-Mail

Published on April 11, 2012
|||Doubt cast on increasing price of petrol
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