Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Electronic Signatures in 2021

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Electronic Signatures in 2021

You've likely already felt the pressure to transition your organisation to paperless solutions. An electronic signature's goal is to rapidly validate a document with a uniquely recognisable mark that does not require the use of paper and pen.

While it's uncertain whether the concept of an entirely paperless office will ever be viable, we're getting closer.

While it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to entirely remove paper in your office next year, 2021 could be the ideal year to dump the pen and paper method in favour of electronic signatures.

What Exactly Are Electronic Signatures?

According to one interpretation, "an electronic signature, or e-signature, refers to data in electronic form and is used to sign by the signatory. If it complies with the requirements of the specific rule under which it was formed (European Regulation elDAS. 910/2014), this type of signature has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. It's also worth noting the distinction between an electronic signature and a digital signature, which is a cryptographic process used to implement electronic signatures.

An electronic signature's goal is to rapidly validate a document with a uniquely recognisable mark that does not require the use of paper and pen. While some security problems remain, electronic signatures are increasingly commonly utilized in private matters, legal transactions, economic transactions, and even as part of official government papers.

Embracing the Advantages of Electronic Signatures

Before you can really contemplate using electronic signatures in your organisation, you must first grasp the benefits. Let's have a look at a handful of the more prominent ones:

1. Easy to use and straightforward

The most significant advantage of electronic signatures is their simplicity and ease of usage. This allows you to make your business transactions quickly and conveniently within your personal/business space. 

2. High Level of Protection

Electronic signatures are proven to be safer and more secure than traditional paper documents. They don’t only contain a signature, but also traceable information about who signed the document, when they signed it, and where they signed it. That's far more powerful and enforceable than the ordinary paper-based transaction.

3. Practical

We work in a business world that is geographically separated. Even tiny, local firms now deal with suppliers, clients, and partners from multiple cities, states, and countries. Electronic signatures enable remote authentication, making it a far more convenient solution than mailing and/or printing and scanning.

4. Quicker Turnaround

Because of the convenience of electronic signatures, there is a significantly faster response. Instead of sending a document to one party, having them print, sign, and scan it, then sending it to the next party, and repeating the process, everyone can sign off in seconds. This quicker turnaround provides organisations with additional flexibility in time-sensitive scenarios.

5. Reducing Operational Costs 

Electronic signatures are less expensive than traditional pen and paper signatures. You reduce not just the amount of paper you use, but also on postage, mailing supplies, and time. These costs are usually overlooked by companies but add up to a substantial cost to your business. Switch now from paper to electronic signatures!  

The only question that remains is, what is the easiest way to get access to this innovative service?

Infocredit Group is here to assist you obtain your Qualified Certificate of Electronic Signature today and avoid the costs and trouble associated with printing, stamping and hand delivery of documents. The certification process is carried out by an Infocredit Group authorized agent and can take place anywhere, at your own convenience. Sign papers any time, from any location, using any device, with no specific hardware or software installation required. Document security is ensured.

For more information on this service click here, or contact us at +357 22 023 401, or via email at

If you would like to know more about the eiDAS Regulation join our free webinar to be held on the 23rd of September, 17.00-18.00 (EEST) by registering here 


Infocredit Group is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider and therefore can issue and renew qualified certificates which validate electronic signatures and authenticate their signatories through JCC Payment Systems Ltd ("JCC").

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