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Four held over vicious brawl   
Four held over brawl that nearly killed man - Tourist remains in critical condition

TWO Greek Cypriots and two Britons are in custody in connection with an Ayia Napa pub brawl that nearly cost a British tourist’s life.

Anthony Stephenson, 40, remains in a critical condition with a broken cheekbone although doctors at Larnaca General Hospital where he is being treated said he has improved slightly and has been disconnected from a respirator.

Stephenson was one of four Britons who were attacked and chased out of the Ambassaden Pub on the corner of Ayia Napa’s boisterous central square early Sunday.

Police believe Stephenson was injured when he leapt down a four-metre wall a few metres from the pub to escape the clutches of a mob of attackers chasing him and his friends.

The other three Britons identified as Danny Candlin, 39, Dean Martin, 41, and his son Luke Martin, 17, suffered bone fractures after also having jumped down the call, but didn’t need to be hospitalized.

A Famagusta District Court remanded pub owner Panayiotis Nouros, 40, and bouncer Panayiotis Panayi, 35 for eight days each in connection with the incident.


Two Britons, aged 17 and 39, were also remanded for six days in connection with the same incident.

Police said eyewitnesses said the suspects were involved in the brawl and threw objects that may have caused injuries.

Police investigator Yiannis Kapnoullas told the Court that the four Britons were at the centre of alcohol-fueled fisticuffs that broke out inside the pub and spilled out in the square as other patrons joined in.

According to Kapnoullas, the four Britons were partying at the Ambassaden with eight other friends.

Young Luke was dancing with a British female tourist when, for as yet unknown reasons, Panayi confronted him and punched him in the face.

His father demanded explanations, but Panayi rounded up the group and shoved them out of the pub.

At that point, Panayi and Stephenson got into a shouting match until the bouncer punched the Briton in the face.

Stephenson reciprocated and the two started fighting.


Another unidentified patron attacked the Briton, prompting Stephenson’s friends to jump into the fray in his defence.

Another man stepped out of the pub clutching a piece of wood and handed it to Panayi who began swinging it indiscriminately, Kapnoullas said.

The four Britons then ran off to avoid serious injury, reaching the edge of the embankment near the resort’s monastery a stone’s throw from the square.

Dean Martin ran to fence and tried to fend off Panayi who had chased after him.

The bouncer allegedly struck Martin with the piece of wood resulting in the Briton losing his balance and falling down the wall.

Kapnoullas said an eyewitness saw someone who resembled Panayi striking another Briton in the face, also prompting his fall.

The eyewitness looked over the edge and saw three Britons in agony from injuries they suffered in the beating and from the fall.

He then confronted Panayi and asked him why he attacked the Britons, to which the bouncer answered "go, just go".

The eyewitness was later approached by a young woman who told him that the bouncer was her brother and that she "would kill him" if he dared say anything.

Kapnoullas said that Candlin had himself told investigators the he jumped down the wall on his own to avoid getting more of a beating from his attackers.

Nouros was called into Ayia Napa police station for questioning, but he refused to answer any questions, saying only that he would have his say in court.

Panayi had visited Paralimni hospital for treatment of a head wound he told police later he suffered in a fight.

|||Four held over vicious brawl
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