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DISY LEADER Nicos Anastassiades and National Unity Party (UBP) head Dervis Eroglu yesterday highlighted the importance of reaching a mutually accepted solution to the Cyprus problem.

Eroglu, who crossed to the government-controlled areas for what is believed to be his first time since the checkpoints opened, led a delegation of UBP members on a visit to DISY headquarters in Nicosia.

The two issued a joint communiqué after the meeting, stating that “the two leaders and their delegations have had the opportunity to continue their dialogue and to exchange views in the same cordial atmosphere that was established on their first meeting.

“They have underlined the importance of a mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem, acknowledging however, that there are areas where further discussion between them is needed in order to reach convergence.” The meeting is the second between the two men, Anastassiades having visited Eroglu earlier in the north.
Opposition leader Anastassiades said the two had an honest meeting and expressed hope that the meeting would create the necessary determination to avoid undermining the concerns and aims of both communities.

For his part, Eroglu said the meeting confirmed that both parties wanted a viable and peaceful solution in Cyprus.

“For forty years now, we are trying to solve the Cyprus issue. We have not reached a conclusion. For sure, during these two meetings, it is not reasonable to reach an agreement on the problem,” he said.

“By the experience we all have gained from the Cyprus issue, we are trying to find a solution that will be viable,” he said, adding that he hoped the two parties would continue their efforts to contribute to a solution.

Eroglu is expected to go head-to-head with Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat in April’s ‘presidential’ elections in the north, the outcome of which will decide who will sit across the negotiating table from President Demetris Christofias.

The UBP head recently came under fire in Turkish paper Yeni Safak, which claimed that on the one hand Eroglu has consistently opposed the peace talks on the island, while on the other, his two daughters allegedly hold Republic of Cyprus passports.

By Stefanos Evripidou, CyprusMail, Published on January 21, 2010

|||DISY leader meets with UBP ' s Eroglu
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