Cyprus tourism tumbles 9.2% in May

There has been no let-up for the tourism sector in Cyprus, with the latest figures showing that tourism arrivals fell over the year earlier by 9.2% in May to 246,546, compared with 271,559 in May 2008.

The main reason was a fall of 7.5% in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom, which account for more than half of all annual arrivals.

UK arrivals fell to 130,154 in May 2009 compared with 140,669 in May 2008.

There was also a 4.0% decrease from Russia (normally a buoyant market), to 19,412 compared with 20,217) in May 2008.

Arrivals from Sweden fell by 12.8% to 14,927 compared with 17,124 last year.

Among smaller markets, two bright spots were Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Tourist arrivals from Switzerland rose by 24.1% from 3,927 in May 2008 to 4,872 in May 2009. The number of tourists from the Netherlands increased by 33.7% from 3,458 to 4,625.

In the period January - May 2009 arrivals of tourists totalled 622,070 compared to 682,614 in the corresponding period of 2008, recording a decrease of 8.9%.

June 15, 2009 -

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