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The Cyprus Police Force special traffic branch, the “Z Team”, is to welcome women for the first time in its ranks, according to Police Chief Iakovos Papacostas.
The “Z Team” is responsible for preventing and reducing the number of road accidents and so far it has been a man-dominated police unit.
“We need women in the ‘Z Team’ because many traffic offenders are women drivers,” Papacostas told a press conference on Monday.
The “Z Team” of the Cyprus Police’s Traffic Department consists of a 23-man group of motorcyclists, who conduct pancyprian campaigns against road offences.
“The ‘Z Team’ is our right hand and we count on them and rely on their work and efficiency”, the Chief of Police said.
Papacostas called on the “Z Team” to show zero tolerance with traffic offenders and concentrate on coastal towns where there is increased traffic in the summer because of tourism and visitors.
During the past 20 days the “Z Team” has reported 142 drivers who were driving under the influence of alcohol, 56 driving non registered vehicles, 80 driving without a license or insurance and confiscated 14 vehicles that had undergone illegal modifications.

August 12, 2008, financial Mirror

|||Cypriot women set to join special traffic police branch
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