Cyprus Professional Services Conference - 20 May 2021

Cyprus Professional Services Conference - 20 May 2021

The Future of the Cyprus Professional Services Sector

Restoring Cyprus' Reputation and Finding a new Growth Model for the Professional Services Sector: Vision, Ideas and Proposals                


The professional services sector in Cyprus has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 30+ years and has slowly but steadily become a vital part of the island’s economy. The biggest stakeholders in the industry (large accounting/audit/tax firms, well-known law firms and the international divisions of Cyprus banks) have traditionally depended on their business with overseas clientele -both corporate clients and high network individuals- to maximize their growth. Nevertheless, the ever-changing and ever-demanding regulatory requirements, and the latest developments regarding tax incentives in different jurisdictions are forcing the professional services sector in Cyprus to reconsider things to stay on top of the game. This is especially important at a time when Cyprus is called to manage a serious reputational risk following themanagement of the Cyprus Investment Programme.

The Cyprus Professional Services Conference aims to help professionals in the field develop a new vision for the Cyprus professional services sector, and ultimately consider a new business model for prosperity and growth. This year’s Conference will try to address and answer the following:
• How competitive are local professional service providers on an international scale?
• How attractive is Cyprus’ offering in the global market?
• What is the future of professional service providers and international banking in Cyprus? What does the future look like for all stakeholders involved (e.g. accounting/audit/tax firms, law firms, corporate and fiduciary service providers, banks, etc.)?
• Is it time to start working on a new business model that will enable the professional services industry in Cyprus to flourish again?
• What should this new business model be, and more importantly, how should it accommodate for international clients?
• What should be Cyprus’ future vision for the local professional services offered to international clients?
• What do clients really want out of professional services and which services should the industry stakeholders focus on offering?
• Are there any new business opportunities to explore?
• Are there any new geographical markets that the local sector could target?
• Are there any potential new revenue streams that Cyprus needs to consider?
• How do we manage Cyprus’ latest reputational risk and restore its global business image?
• How should all stakeholders involved adapt to prosper in this new reality?
• Practical recommendations for making Cyprus a truly international business centre

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