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DISY DEPUTY Christos Pourgourides will attempt to put an end to the fall-out between Parliament and the Central Bank governor for including the latter in the Capital Interest law without consulting him.

On Thursday, deputies on the House Institutions Committee accused CB governor Athanasios Orphanides of reporting Parliament to the European Central Bank over the issue and effectively leaving Cyprus exposed to European sanctions.

The whole affair came to light when House President Marios Garoyian received a letter from the ECB governor, asking why Orphanides had been included on the list of officials covered by the capital interest law.

Although an official CB statement later denied Orphanides’ involvement and claimed the discrepancy had been spotted by ECB officials, Committee Chairman Rikkos Erotokritou of EVROKO insisted on Friday Orphanides was behind the whole affair.

According to Phileleftheros newspaper yesterday, Pourgourides – also a member of the Institutions Committee - is now trying to calm the waters by suggesting Garoyian send a letter to ECB governor Jean-Claude Trichet, admitting to the error.

He is also planning to meet Orphanides next week in a bid to convince him thatParliament had never intended to ruin relations with the Central Bank.

published by Cyprus Mail

|||Attempt to calm Central Bank dispute
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