Continuous promotion of Cyprus in the Gulf countries

Continuous promotion of Cyprus in the Gulf countries

A delegation from Invest Cyprus participated with a state kiosk in one of the most important events in the region for international investment issues, the "Annual Investment Meeting (AIM)".

Invest Cyprus mission made a series of contacts with government officials and investors in the region and presented the prospects presented by Cyprus.

As part of the implementation of its strategy for the promotion of Cyprus in the wider Middle East and the Gulf countries, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Cyprus) continued its activities with meetings in the United Arab Emirates. 

This is a Conference and Exhibition organized every year by the Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates, under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the country.

During the AIM, the delegation had the opportunity to hold a series of meetings with UAE state-owned companies and leaders from family offices, private equity firms and local entrepreneurs, where they analyzed the economic developments and presented the investment opportunities Cyprus offers.

The focus of the discussions with foreign institutional investors was the opportunities created by the growing interest recorded by companies in the technology sector, as a result of the implementation of the New Strategy of the Ministry of Finance to attract international companies in our country.

At the same time, the specialized Project Bank was introduced, a digital database, the aim of which is to host development projects in priority areas, which seek investment capital.

Opportunities for investment in the field of tourism and hospitality were also identified, since through the Tour Invest initiative, the Organization is working towards the implementation of the objectives of the National Tourism Strategy 2030.

In addition, the CEO of Invest Cyprus, George Kampanellas, participated in a panel discussion with other senior executives of respective investment organizations, focusing on the digital transition and the ability of countries to attract technology companies, highly qualified human resources and foreign investment. in start-ups. Invest Cyprus's efforts to promote Cyprus in the markets of the region will continue in the near future as specific actions are planned to promote our country as a European business and financial center and as an investment destination, emphasizing the role that Cyprus can play as a gateway. entering the European market. nation, emphasizing the role that Cyprus can play as a gateway. entering the European market.

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