According to the Cyprus News Agency the number of new company registrations in Cyprus was around 1000 in May 2014 which is way far from the number last year in May after the hair cut in March 2013.

The exact number according to the the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (D.R.C.O.R.) of the Republic of Cyprus rose to 967 in May this year from 641 last year the same month. In April 2014 the number of company registration was 150 less than May which is an increase of 18 %.

The total number of company registrations from the 01/01/2014-31/05/2014 was 4671 while the total number of registrations during the whole 2013 was 10 927 and 18 098 in 2012.

The total number of registered companies in Cyprus as to the date 31/05/2014 was 268 151 while the total number at the end of 2013 was 272 157 and 269 345 in 2012.

The enquiries for name approval came up to the number of 9639 in 31/05/2014. In the end of 2013 came up to 24 430 and in the end of 2012 the number was 36477.

The enquiries for certified documents at the end of May 2014 was 120 091 while in the end of 2013 the number was 308 219.

The registration of other documents that was submitted by companies was 556 266 while the number in 2013 was 122 336.

The number of bankrupted companies from the beginning of 2014 until the end of May 2014 was 63. In 2013 the total number of companies that was led to bankruptcy was 189 and 133 in 2012.

The number of voluntary dissolutions was 578 in 31/05/2014, in 2013 it was 1478  and in 2012 the number was 1144.

Finally the number of persons that was bankrupted was 81 in the beginning of 2014, 364 in 2013 and 561 in 2012.

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