Central bank tells government to trim spending

By Alexia Saoulli

FED UP of litterbugs and environmental polluters, the Interior Ministry has decided to appoint rubbish inspectors who will have the authority to issue on the spot fines.

Although the fines will be determined according to the severity of the crime they will not exceed £200, reports said yesterday.

The fines were implemented on August 20 following an amendment to the law and apply to both ordinary members of the public and individuals legally entitled to get rid of rubbish.

According to the law, penalties will be imposed on people in violation of the terms of garbage management licences, who transfer waste in uncovered vehicles, who illegally burn waste and trimmings, who drive around in unhygienic rubbish trucks, who transport waste without permission, who manage waste without permission, who dump rubbish in the environment and non-authorised areas, who are in possession of rubbish without a management licence, who do not follow regulations on the collection, transportation, processing and development of garbage, and the circulation of unsuitable garbage trucks.

The Interior Ministry has created the post of head inspector and inspector in all districts to implement the law.

The ministry issued a statement on Thursday telling the public that the inspectors could be recognised by their special uniforms. In the summer they will wear grey trousers and a white shirt and in the winter a green suit with a white shirt.

The ministry said they would also always carry identification, which the public has been advised to ask to see for verification.

Where inspectors have cause to believe that a person is committing an offence, he or she has the authority to impose the fine after first informing the person when the offence was committed and what it entailed. The inspector will then determine what amount the offender must pay.

The Interior Ministry said fines could be paid at district office of the ministry’s waste disposal management department. Fines have to be paid within 14 days of being issued. Failure to do so will result in prosecution.

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