Benefits of doing business in pandemic times

Benefits of doing business in pandemic times

We are globally going virtual! Authorities, banks, institutes are modernizing their structures using technology to facilitate procedures, applications, payments etc. Online transactions are more common than ever, authorities are finally encouraging applications to be made online in Cyprus which has minimized the time needed for businesses and individuals as less paper work and less visits to authorities are needed.

The new reality caused by the pandemic has led to the gradual changing of habits, more time is spent online. Pleasure, education work is done online. Definitely there are lots of negative side effects of the new reality however we would like to focus of the benefits and how we can grab the opportunities arisen.

Having a presence online and being a part of portals with good rankings has been proven today to be crucial due to the global increase of online searchers as a result of the social distancing measures. All more people are doing their research online and consequently judges by what they find online. Aspects as user-friendly and transparent website, presence in social media accounts, frequency of posting information, corporate videos, blog postings etc. plays a signification role.

Online searchers have a tendency to choose firms that has strong online presence. This doesn’t mean that a presence in a directory is sufficient.  A listing does not tell so much to the prospect client, however an article that discusses the procedure of setting up a business or an update about the companies’ latest news, the latest tax regulations tells something. Short videos are also proven to reach out to a larger audience.

Online facilities mean less time consuming procedures which in turn means more time for rethinking and reevaluating your business strategy in order to be more competitive in today’s challenging times.

Rebranding, adjusting operations, establishing new marketing campaigns in order to reach out to new audiences is crucial not only to adapt to the new reality created by Covid 19 but being a step ahead. Cyprus service providers had since before a global audience. Today by constantly promoting your services and creating a strong online visual identity can determine the future of your business.

Not all business will utilize the online opportunities, some will actually proceed with reducing its marketing campaigns due to the recession so it’s either being in front of the lead or staying behind. Where will you stand?

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