Bank of Cyprus announces 1.371 bln losses for 2011

Cyprus has begun preparations for the assumption of the EU rotating presidency in the second half of 2012.

In the framework of the preparations, a broad meeting took place Tuesday at the Planning Bureau in Nicosia, under Andreas Moleskis, head of the Cyprus EU Presidency Office 2012.

According to an official press release, the meeting was attended by representatives of the working teams and other officials.

During the meeting, they reviewed in depth the experience of other EU countries, like Sweden, Denmark and the Czech Republic which have assumed the EU presidency.

In particular, they reviewed the structure and mechanisms of services in these countries which worked for the EU presidency and their relation with the EU services and institutions.

They also examined the role of the Permanent Representatives at the EU and their contribution to the whole effort.

During the meeting they discussed issues concerning the training of staff and the preparation of the infrastructure as regards venues, telecommunications and internet facilities.

Moleskis said that more preparatory meetings will be taking place on a regular basis.

The next broad meeting will take place June 25th.

The Republic of Cyprus, which joined the EU in May 2004, will assume the EU Presidency, for the first time in its history, in the second half of 2012.

Financial Mirror, June 10, 2009|||Broad meeting ahead of Cyprus EU Presidency
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