All benefits of fund administration in Cyprus

All benefits of fund administration in Cyprus

Over the years Cyprus has experienced significant recognition as a leading investment fund center in the world.  The financial service industry in Cyprus has shown a remarkable growth as the island attracts an important number of investments in various business fields. The fund administration industry has the past years been updated, especially in terms of valuation methodologies, financial technologies, standards of reporting and even how the administrators hold clients’ assets into custody. The hedge funds look for third parties to handle funds administration which is today a service that is shifting into the private equity environment.

Funds administrators provide a variety of service but essentially they support business in calculating the net asset value independently in order to ensure that all transactions are accounted applicably and all transactions are processed properly. They also manage capital bills, provide general investor support and process any activities in regards to redeeming and allocating services. Also, the administration can perform financial reporting tasks and statement preparation. By outsourcing to fund administrators there is an increased managerial focus on core internal functions and enhanced track record hence improving firms’ reputation.

Private firms more often consider fund administration services as fund administrators use advanced and more detailed technological programs. The advanced technology brings solutions such as flexibility, accuracy, security and efficiency. They also offer interactive dashboards which provide accuracy and flexibility in organizing and streamlining information, simplicity in financial statement reviews, internal and investor reporting so that the information can be exported easily for additional analysis. In addition, they provide transparency in reporting hence building trust among investors. The best fund administrators have professional staff with senior expertise levels who are dedicated in their work offering solutions in fund structures and strategies ranging from small funds to massive investments.

Fund administration supports your growth efforts to increase investment by offering proper resources to leverage the capacity of your team. Finding the best fund administrators in Cyprus is not an issue of the cheapest or the largest one, it is about considering your growth plans, operations efficiencies and working in a team with the latest technology. Many accounting firms in Cyprus has special divisions that offers complete wealth management services, back office service and also investment funds which enhance the relationship with other business counterparts and investors.


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