2019 income tax declaration submission

2019 income tax declaration submission

By: P Constantinou & Co Ltd

The Tax Department announced that the Individual Income Tax Return for the tax year 2019 is available for submission at https://taxisnet.mof.gov.cy through the TaxisNet system.

Α necessary condition for the submission of the above Declaration is the electronic registration in the TaxisNet system. The last date for submission of the Individual Income Statement is the 30th of October, 2020. Please note that until the tax year 2019, individuals with gross income under the tax-free threshold of €19.500 are not obliged to submit a personal income tax return (TD1). 

From the tax year 2020 onwards, all individuals with income from, amongst others, salaries, rents, royalties, pensions, dividends, interest, and profits from share dealings, which may be exempt from the income tax and/or special contribution for defense, are obliged to submit a personal income tax return. If you would like any further assistance or consultation regarding your income taxation forms please contact us.

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