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Company Name: Elgin AMC

Contact Name: Nicos Cotsapas

Address: Elgin AMC, Galatariotis Building, 3rd Floor, 11 Limassol Avenue, 2112

Location: Nicosia

Tel. Number: +357 22 455677; 7000 0065

Email: info@elginamc.com

Website: www.elginamc.com


Elgin AMC – A Refreshing Approach to Investments

When investment performance is disappointingly poor, no amount of financial planning on the structure of a portfolio will bring results. Each percentage wasted on commissions and fees paid to third parties eats into the investment returns achievable. Elgin’s honest management approach together with careful asset selection ensures best value for our clients worldwide.

Highly personalised investment management – Expert pension, investment, tax and estate planning are important, however, they need to be accompanied with solid investment performance and careful monitoring.

Profiler Pro – Our starting point - A totally impartial, no-obligation investment portfolio or pension QROPS analysis service that will allow you to evaluate whether your current investments are what you hope they are. This is a very powerful tool at your disposal to help highlight any major issues in the investment strategy at an early stage.

Existing pensions - QROPS - These plans have many benefits, however, are you really confident your pension is being actively managed in the same professional manner as your UK corporate pension? That is, are the current portfolio managers using tried and tested risk management techniques, so that your pension benefits are likely to will be what you expect at retirement? This is a risk which pensioners can overlook and we are able to help with both the initial assessment together with the ongoing management of your pension.

Expert investment specialists - We are not re-inventing the wheel, merely doing what our Swiss-based affiliate, Elgin Group LLC, has been doing successfully for many years. Each portfolio is `personally’ managed by a specialist manager in accordance with your agreed risk profile, set within pre-determined parameters by our investment committee.

Transparent, liquid and low cost - Being totally ethical and transparent, we charge a small ongoing management fee from your portfolio, which frees us to invest in the best highly-liquid structures, products, funds and securities from which we receive no commission. Unlike many well established retail organisations that rely on this commission income, which will ultimately have a severe impact on the investment growth over time.

Regular statements and on-line access 24/7 – we also offer a comprehensive reporting and analysis service through our Zeus reporting system, so that you can keep up-to-date with the progress of your investments at your leisure. Giving you peace of mind and total control.

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