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Date: 11 & 12 June 2014 Trainer: Paris Cleanthous
Location: CIIM Building, Nicosia

In today’s business world it is of utmost importance that Executives understand strategic concepts and be able to contribute to their company’s strategy and competitive analysis. These are not skills that are acquired through everyday work, but rather, by practicing the process and learning how to use strategy tools.  Managers should become aware of how to use tools used for strategic analysis and assist their personnel in understanding the strategy development process.

This training program provides participants with knowledge and tools for developing an effective strategy by examining how their organization can profitably create and sustain long lasting customer value. Through the seminar participants will also examine their competitors in order to better plan their strategy for the future.

Instructional Objectives
To help managers understand strategic concepts and be able to contribute to the company’s strategy. This will be achieved by training managers to use tools used for strategic analysis and by helping managers understand the strategy development process.

  • Become exposed to a strategy toolbox
  • Understand the process of strategic planning
  • Practice tools to create insight into the industry, markets, the company and the competition
  • Learn how to synthesize insights to come up with strategic options
  • Understand how to successfully implement the company’s strategy

Trainer: Paris Cleanthous

Fees and General Information

This seminar is part of the Executive Development Programme (EDP).

The EDP is designed for senior, mid-level and newly appointed managers or supervisors, as well as project and team leaders who would like to gain effective, practical know-how in areas that are considered essential for today’s professionals.  For some it will be an opportunity to gain a broad-based overview of many of the topics covered in an MBA programme, whilst for others it will be a chance to renew their skills and learn new practices.  It is particularly helpful to professionals with several years’ technical expertise who have been promoted into management or team leader positions.

It is possible to attend this individual seminar should places be available and the charge is €550 without HRDA subsidy and €284 with HRDA subsidy.

The full EDP Programme consists of ten training days and the modules include: Communicating Effectively, Marketing and Customer Excellence, Managing People and Organisations, Managing Performance and Improving Productivity, Strategic Planning and Competitiveness, and Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers.

Please refer to the Executive Development Programme (EDP) Brochure for further information.

Places are limited to a maximum of 25, therefore early registration is essential to secure a place

Fees include tuition, educational materials, coffee breaks and meals

Due to CIIMs non-profit status NO VAT is charged

Further Information
Please contact the Executive Education Team:

Marios Siathas       Tel: 22462205    email:
Sophie Kyriacou     Tel: 22462209    email:
Margarita Shipilli     Tel: 22462231    email:

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