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Cyprus Company Formation

The incorporation and the ongoing administration and management of Cyprus International Business Companies and of Companies in other jurisdictions are one of the most important services for Cyprus accounting firms.

This service include the formation of International Business Companies in Cyprus and in other worldwide jurisdictions, provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders, Company Secretary and provision of registered office.

Company administration includes services such as opening and monitoring bank accounts locally or worldwide for companies and individuals, preparation, evaluation and execution of agreements, management of correspondence with third parties and different authorities. The firm is also responsible to arrange for legal opinions or other expertise where necessary, coordinate in general the business processes such as audit, tax advice and VAT work and assist the client for setting up a complete office in Cyprus.

The accounting firm is also responsible for beyond tasks:

  • Daily management and secretarial support
  • Drafting of corporate documents
  • Other corporate services to help clients do business proficiently
  • Re-domiciliation of companies
  • Assistance with immigration matters in Cyprus
  • Company explorations in various jurisdictions
  • Legalization of documents

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