Thursday 19 September 2019
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P. Constantinou & Co Ltd offers luxury office solutions

P. Constantinou & Co Ltd offers a range of solutions for establishing your company’s presence in Cyprus.

Fully furnished, equipped with the latest technology and amenities, supported by experienced personnel and located in the center of the business area of Limassol, our offices provide the perfect solution for companies and businessmen who want to do business in Cyprus or use Cyprus as their designated headquarters.

Establishing substance in Cyprus requires the following:

• Own physical office space (rented or owned);
• Telephone and fax line in the name of the company;
• Preferably email address and website;
• Employees to carry out the administrative management of the company;
• Business activities mainly undertaken from Cyprus;
• Accounting records must be kept in Cyprus;
• Preferably local Bank account.

Our office solutions provide clients with all the essential elements that local and international authorities require in order to avoid having your business being flagged as a “shell company”.

For more information about our office solutions or for renting options please contact us.


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