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53 rd Annual General Meeting

Location: Hilton Cyprus Hotel, Nicosia
Date: Wednesday, 18 June 2014


  • 3:45pm – Extraordinary General Meeting
    Special resolutions
  • 4:30pm–Annual General Meeting Constitutional part
    Consideration of the financial statements and the reports of the Council and the Independent Auditor for the year 2013
    Election of members of the Council, in the place of those retiring.
    Re-appointment of the Independent Auditor and authorisation of the
    Council to fix his remuneration.
  • 5: 15pm – Break
  • 5:30pm Ceremonial part
    Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades
    Address by His Beatitude Archbishop of Cyprus Mr Chryssostomos B’
    Address by the President of the House of Representatives, Mr Yiannakis Omerou.
    Address by the Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades
    Speech by the President of ICPAC, Mr Ioannis Charilaou
    ICPAC Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • 6:45pm–cocktail

Organized by:  The Institute for Certified Public Accountants

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